Know your body shape

Do you know  your body shape? Knowing your shape will help tranform your image as you can chose fashion that flatters your figure and works for you. No matter what your size, all women have a specific body shape. Knowing and accpetiong your bodyshape means that you have to embrace your curves. Wearing clothes that accentuate your best sides is what it is all about. 


Pear Shape Traits: The lower body is larger than the upper body. Pear shape women tend to have small breasts and flat stomachs. Dress in sleevless clothes and show of cleavage, accentuating smaller waists. Pear shape woman have bigger bums, which are very sexy and should not be downplayed. Embrace your curves!


Hourglass Traits: Women with the hourglass figures have the same upper body and the same lower body proportions. Hourglass shapes have small waists. The hourglass is the classic figure and most things look good on this shape. Its all about the curves! Hourglass women tend to have long legs.


Triangle Traits: this shape boasts large shoulders and chest areas and narrow hips and legs. It is also known as the inverted triangle, this shape can be boyish and sporty. Triangle women should accentuate the legs and narrow hips. Traingle shapes can wear almost anything and look good.


Apple shape traits: the upper body is larger than the lower body. Shoulders are broad and weight gain uually occurs above the waist. To dress your best for this shape focus on your legs; they are an asset and apple shaped women tend to have great legs. Elongate your torso and downplay your mid section.


Column Traits: Women who have this shape tend to have slimmer upper and slimmer lower bodies, with not many curves. Column shaped women have great legs and arms and should wear clothes that clinch the waist and flair at the hips to create the illusion of bigger hips