Aromatheraphy Meets Skincare

Branded with her own name, Taryna’s products are synonymous with her unique achievements and the continuity of her inspiring work. ‘Elemental’ communicates the inseparable relationship the range has with Nature and the power of simplicity.

Taryna Elemental products are manufactured by Taryna Elizabeth Cosmetics cc.

In 2002 Taryna was presented with a unique opportunity to transfer the Aromatherapy principles that I she had so extensively practised in her paramedical applications to skincare products. From this unique experience and rare ability as a formulator, she developed a range of very special, vegetable based Aromatherapy skincare products into Taryna Elemental.

Now Available at Nixz Stores.

Rediscover, reawaken and reignite your slumbering senses with the amazing experience of Taryna’s unique and unforgettable formulations. Exceptional life enhancing fragrances and properties, expertly prepared and elegantly appointed. Refined fragrances are as beautiful as they are timeless, 
 of by-gone eras when detail and quality mattered.