Nixz is a Durban-based entrepreneur, born in the 70s. She believes in free-spirited fashion and lives her life and runs her business with that philosophy in mind.

Nixz believes that every women needs to be authentic, natural and work on their self-esteem. Women create their own style as they mature and as their personalities develop. It is here that Nixz believes the confidence of women can build their future. “If you look good, you feel good,” Nixz says. She includes an essence of passion in her decision-making and sticks to her gut feeling in making it all come together. Quality, knowledge and well-being are always the subjects chatted about in her boutique.

All new samples are fit-tested by Nixz herself and approved. She loves sharing tips and referring her clients to respective health practitioners – her interest in and love for others knows no bounds.


NIXZ is the brand and she lives it passionately. One shopping rendezvous with her and you’ll never forget her authenticity.

Nixz believes in building relationships and has many long-term clients as a result. She has a service level like no other, for example: she adjusts hems at no charge and does downsizing for clients who have lost weight in an effort to promote their self-esteem. She also sources fabrics for special requests.

She is not only the creator of Nixz, her retail outlet, but is also an image consultant. So, when you buy a new outfit you can also have an entire make-over! Nixz prides herself on her honesty and her love of people.

Nixz’s work behind the scenes, dressing women who are struggling financially, in good quality, second-hand clothing donated by better-heeled volunteers clearing out their closets, came to her one day when she was passing on her own seconds to a good woman.

Behind the scenes

NIXZ is a family-run business. She is ably assisted by her husband, Shoban, kept busy by her three children and loved unconditionally by Paisley, the cat, whom she calls her muse.

Shoban and her small team of local machinists at her sewing room have been keeping the wheels turning for 27 years. Everything is locally made under one roof using local talent. 

Her staff are dedicated and loyal and her head machinist, who ensures the smooth running of the detailed merchandise, has been with them since the beginning. The staff are reliable and work unsupervised, reporting to the head machinist, who is Nixz’s ‘go to girl’, and who Nixz believes she is blessed to have on her team.

Her vision is to stock other boutiques with her successful brand and pass on her knowledge. 

Nixz chooses to style with natural fibres that breathe and her signature look is earthy. It’s about being grounded, never loosing yourself, giving yourself the chance to start over again and declutter at any point in time. So linens and cottons weave themselves into this belief.

Where it all started

Nicola Jaffar started out in the flea-markets twenty one years ago. She took a chance with two thousand rand and after eight years of dedication and a vision of owning her own store, opened her first store in La Lucia mall. Her passion for dressing women grew into image coaching.

Uplifting women and sharing tips to build confidence became part of your shopping experience at Nixz. Nixz then introduced one on one image coaching appointments with clients who were more serious about taking their image forward. She introduced make up, color coding and dressing your shape into the mirror time during the sessions.

Her loyal clients have made this a success as they join in her vision to grow another woman’s confidence by donating their good second hand Nixz clothes towards the drive.

This is done in the form of workshop for the ladies and not a knock-drop scenario. It is part of well-being and nurturing as women to give. When you give with a warm heart …you open the doors.

“A women needs to be feminine at all times and a high self-esteem is always on trend”

Nixz supports local industry and all her manufacturing is done under one umbrella.

She strives for consistency in her fit and quality, keeping it all proudly South African.

Nixz offers her clients a service that revolves around quality, knowledge and wellbeing. A discount loyalty card is available to clients, as well as complimentary one-on-one image coaching for her existing clients.

Nixz is a problem solver and always has a referral on hand or does personal shopping for a client.

Her work is never to criticized or judged but to bring her clients into a safe place with change and to update her thoughts to that of positivity. Nixz believes that.

The look and feel of the range is to drape, shape, and never conform. Allow your attitude to flow in the elegance of daily wear. Nixz always says;

“Natural fibres are anti-ageing…so wear your crease in your clothes and not on your face”